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SEP 13,

USBES Offers Programmatic Accreditation for Better Academic Profiles

USBES reviews the academic standards of colleges, universities and schools and evaluates whether they are offering substantive and valuable education to its students.

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SEP 12,

Exclusive Membership Benefits Offered At USBES

USBES proudly announces one of its professional services of USBES Membership to all the academic and training institutes.

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SEP 11,

Join USBES and Be a Part of Successful Academic Network

Become a part of USBES that supports colleges, universities and institutes through its professional services like accreditation, certification and membership and help them enhance their professional credentials.

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SEP 10,

USBES Announces Certifications For Engineering Professionals

USBES is a leading accreditation agency working hard towards the enhancement of educational standards in higher education. USBES intends to facilitate students belonging to different fields of study by giving them certifications in their respective fields.

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SEPT 12,

USBES International Seminar on Accreditation and Quality Assurance Standards

USBES conducted a seminar on Accreditation and Quality Assurance Standards for academic institutes and corporations.

AUG 25,

Meaning of Accreditation for Student’s Future

USBES evaluators claimed that accreditation makes a very strong impact on higher education. Accreditation speaks for a volume, especially, when we are talking about higher standards followed by these institutes.

JUL 15,

USBES Attends Exhibition
on an Opportunity to
Outline Its Mission and Criteria

USBES avails the opportunity to exhibit its activities and objectives at International Education Exhibition.

Sept 12,

USBES announces various Membership Packages to Academic Institutes

USBES announces different membership program to universities on the basis of their academic standards.

MAY 25,

USBES Certification Program for Engineers

USBES announces certification program for engineers to help them enhance their skills and boost efficiency in the field of engineering. The program is an innovative Certified Program that helps individuals become successful certified engineering experts.

APR 10,

Importance of Accreditation for the Future of Students

USBES reviewed a universities for accreditation purpose and USBES evaluators claimed that accreditation makes a very strong impact on higher education. Accreditation speaks for a volume especially if we are talking about a high education institutes and the standards followed.

MAR 6,

Study reveals that ‘studying abroad build better teamwork skills’

Students who go abroad for a shorter time period as a part of the higher education tend to develop better teamwork skills than those who go abroad for a longer period of time.

FEB 13,

US Women Colleges now accepting transgender students for the first time

A very huge and challenging step taken by various elite colleges which finally accepts trans-students to help them develop and grown successfully in their lives.