USBES University Accreditation

USBES’s international accreditation is professionally designed for traditional, distance learning or online universities.

Our relationship with you in terms of accreditation status represents your university’s commitment to quality education which is on a par with international standards.

In this competitive academic world, securing the status of accreditation has become highly essential for universities all over the world. Students now a days, always prefer to enrol in an accredited university as they believe that it will offer quality and internationally recognized programs Employers from reputed and renowned organizations would also prefer to hire candidates graduated from accredited universities.

To pursue its mission of improving and enhancing educational standards, USBES grants international accreditation to the universities who are committed to provide students with a world class education.

Perks of being with USBES

We are the choice of 1500+ accredited universities worldwide.


Global recognition of
your university

With an international accreditation seal of USBES, your university will attain a global recognition on all educational platforms for providing quality education.


Worldwide Acceptance
of your degree

Being with USBES, will give you an advantage of your degree being accepted by educational institutions and employers worldwide.


Increased Students
trust & enrollments

USBES Accreditation enhances the profile of your university on international level, resulting in high student’s enrollments and retention ratio.


Affordable Accreditation
in Less Time

USBES grants school accreditation which reduces the fees by 60-80%. In addition, our accreditation process does not take more than 50 days allowing you to get full accreditation status in as less as two months’ time.


Networking Opportunity
and Alliances

We have various quality assurance and educational alliances programs going on. Through these programs, you can offer dual degree programs, equivalency and legalization services to your students.



USBES accreditation will give you a chance to promote yourself at USBES educational events and seminars by participating in them.

What you get upon being Accredited with USBES

Full Accreditation Certificate

This certificate will be your prove of grabbing USBES Accreditation. You will be able to promote your accredited status by using this certificate on different promotional platforms.


Full Accreditation Seal

Along with USBES accreditation certificate you also receive a USBES Accreditation seal which can be used on your official webpage, official documents and various marketing collaterals.


Dedicated Web Page

USBES website gets around 1000 students visiting daily in search for the right University. You can use this dedicated webpage to include highlighted information related to your institute such as faculty, programs, awards, student facilities etc.