USBES Accreditation Process

USBES offers information that you require to gain accreditation through its simple and easy accreditation process. The process is thoroughly scrutinized by our team to make sure that institutes are reaching the next step in the correct manner. The process reviews the mission of the institute along with its faculty, curriculum and the lifestyle that is being offered to the students.

How Can You Apply For Accreditation?


USBES Membership is the first step towards the journey of Prime Accreditation. It also benefits institutes who would like to be associated with USBES without going through the full accreditation process.


In the stage of Pre-accreditation, one of our evaluation commissioner members will visit your campus to evaluate the educational standards and quality of education provided. Our member will look into your brochure, organizational structure, administration processes, faculty members, provided facilities, course structure, etc. After thorough inspection the decision of accreditation will be made.


Once you qualify for the accreditation status, your university, institute, school or college will now be recognized on all global platforms as the institute providing quality education. Moreover, your institute degree will be accepted by educational institute and employers internationally.


In this stage, one of our evaluation commissioner member will again visit your campus for the inspection. In this visit, the member will evaluate the enhanced changes in your administration processes, faculty members, provided facilities, course structure etc.
Evaluation commissioner member will submit his auditing report and feedback to the Prime Accreditation Commission for a final reviewing, after which the board will decide either to grant the Prime Accreditation Status to your institute or not.
If they observe the improvements from the previous visit, your institute will be given the status of Prime Membership from USBES.

Prime Membership

This is the membership where you will secure a chance to get maximum benefit from USBES.