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Enhancing Academic Standards

United States Board for Education Standardization is determined to ensure that students receive the best quality education worldwide.







USBES Global Presence

United States Board for Education Standardization has global chapters who are facilitating the academic institutes in different regions of the world.

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Who We Are?

USBES is a standardization agency determined to work towards the enhancement of higher education in the academic institutes worldwide. We offer accreditation to institutes, universities and schools.

What We Do?

USBES provides quality assurance to those institutes that are working to improve their academic standards based on global educational standards. Accreditation is provided to help institutes gain an edge over others in the academic world.

Benefits Offered

  • Global Recognition
  • Worldwide Acceptance of Academic Credentials
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Affordable Accreditation
  • Promotion Opportunity

Latest Events & News

SEP 8,

Quality Assurance Seminar for Higher Education & Training Institutes

This seminar aims to upgrade the level of knowledge and skills among the participants to strengthen their QA skills and activities for the improvement of higher education and training techniques.

SEP 13,

USBES Offers Programmatic Accreditation for Better Academic Profiles

USBES reviews the academic standards of colleges, universities and schools and evaluates whether they are offering substantive and valuable education to its students.

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SEP 12,

Exclusive Membership Benefits Offered At USBES

USBES proudly announces one of its professional services of USBES Membership to all the academic and training institutes.

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SEP 11,

Join USBES and Be a Part of Successful Academic Network

Become a part of USBES that supports colleges, universities and institutes through its professional services like accreditation, certification and membership and help them enhance their professional credentials.

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